New books out, New stories on the way

Hi Everyone!

I know I’ve been absent for awhile. Life is like that sometimes, isn’t it?

But I HAVE been busy. I’ve had a few new releases/re-releases this past month and a few more on the way. I’m just going to jump straight into telling you all about what’s out. Then, in my next post, I’ll tell you what’s coming up.

Oh, before I forget, click on or join to check out my free stories at Coffee Time Romance: Sovereign of the Dragon part 1  and you can get to part 2 through joining my newsletter. Just sign up on the opening page of my site: . Here’s the blurb for that:

When old families merge together and old magicks begin to stir, it shouldn’t be surprising when old legends come to life.

Unfortunately, there are those who like their legends vague and tenuous. For those people, living legends are not allowed.

Teenagers Nadya Rasputin and Tikan York learn this the hard way as they, their friends, and their dragons, fly, fall, and fight their way across two continents in an effort to connect with Nadya’s uncle–the only man who can see her safely to the end of her journey.

Professor Rupert Godfrey has a whole host of secrets, not the least of which is his claim on the most important throne in europe. His entire life is tipped sideways when he gains another secret, this one a niece who’d been kept from him since her conception. Her emergence not only puts him in danger, it thrusts him back into the back-biting, cut throat world of international politics. Somehow that doesn’t alarm him nearly as much as the thought of his teenaged niece flying across an ocean on the back of a dragon.

For the story called Beauclerc Island, I haven’t come up with a blurb, but it takes place on an island off the coast of Maine. There will be paranormal activities, I promise– join here –I’ll be adding to that story every week or so.

Now, onto the recently released books:

This is a contemporary romantic psychological thriller–

A Hunted Heart (cover by Sasha White)

Like all great authors, FBI profiler Tatiana Branigan has drawn from personal experience in the creation of her best-selling thriller series. But few realize just how up-close-and-personal those experiences are. Ten years ago her fairy-tale marriage ended, wrecked by a man who has obsessively hunted her and a memory that’s haunted her.

Tatiana has struggled through ten years of hell. Refusing to give in to the devastation visited on her by her husband’s desertion and the attentions of a madman, she’s worked nonstop to pull her life together.

Tati is tired now. She’s done. If not for Von, she would have thrown in the towel and let the bad guy win. He was her best friend once. Have the years without her taught him bitterness or has he finally grown into the man she thought she’d married? Is there a safe haven out there for her hunted, wounded heart?


This erotic ghost story is available at Smashwords or Amazon for$.99 (I love a bargain, what can I say?)

Eian MacGregor existed in a never-ending limbo, caught in an envelope in time. Eternity stretched ahead of him, a hopeless and lonely place. Or was it? Shaken from his lethargy by two intricately drawn pictures of himself, Eian was equally moved by the young woman who had painted them. He looked at her and saw breathtaking beauty. What did she see when she looked at him?

Dead, or something like it, for over two hundred years, Eian MacGregor had given up. He couldn’t get away from his bloody past nor did he have any hope of attaining the future he’d been promised. As a ghost, all he could do was float around between his island’s barren cliffs and the castle he’d once held strong. Generations of his clan came and went and he took no notice anymore…until one woman noticed him.

Fat. Fat, ugly, frigid, and in love with a ghost. That’s how Elsabetta Finlay was described by the man she had been betrothed to as a young girl. She’d defiantly married a good friend to avoid that contract, only to be ensnared in it again when her friend died. If only Eian MacGregor was real and alive–if only he loved her and wanted her, Elsabetta’s dreams would come true. But dreams were for children and she was all grown up now. Eian MacGregor was nothing more than a handsome dream alive on canvas and in her imagination. She, on the other hand, had real problems to deal with.


This is another erotic paranormal crime/psychological thriller.

Daddy’s Girl 

by J.J. Massa

A girlcan’t choose who her parents are, but Tabitha Baker isn’t complaining. Hermother died when she was young, leaving her with a psychic gift and preciousmemories. Her father loves her, though. He’s a good man—the entire countryagrees. They just don’t know their president is her father. Her lineage is astate secret. Everyone has secrets, but sometimes it’s a real problem.

GarthCavanaugh is a Secret Service agent assigned to the President of the UnitedStates. He doesn’t tell most people that, only his family. His twelve brothersand sisters all work in various fields of law enforcement. He’d like tointroduce them to the woman he’s dating, but she seems to be hiding something,maybe even someone. Whatever it is, it’s big. He wants his family to meet thewoman he loves—not watch him nurse a broken heart. That he can do by himself…
I’mworking on several other books and I’ll update you on them soon. But that’swhat I’ve been up to for February.

J.J. Massa
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