Sovereign of the Dragon–NEW!

The next installment is out!!!

click here for this month’s installment for Sovereign of the Dragon

it’s a little long this month…March is a long month, though.

I hope you enjoy it.

So if you’re new or something, here’s the entire set so far:

Sovereign of the Dragon – Part 1

Sovereign of the Dragon – Part 2

Sovereign of the Dragon – Part 3

And then there’s Beauclerc Islandmy new FREE story at Coffee Time Romance- but you have to sign up for it. It’s a “group friends” only

Be sure to come back here and leave a note about what you thought (with details) in order to be part of the drawing.

until later!

J.J. Massa

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2 thoughts on “Sovereign of the Dragon–NEW!

  1. SOVEREIGN OF THE DRAGON is awesome. I caught up on all the installments & I’m hooked. I did love the picture of the dragon too.


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