Blog Hop Post #3

How’s it going out there, Hoppers?

Things are clipping right along over here. I did finally get my overdue column up for NovelSpot.

I really enjoy it because I get a chance to research all sorts of things I’ve wondered about for so long. Not only that, I feel a lot smarter when I understand all those obscure references that far more intelligent authors use.

Never mind about that, I intended to introduce you to my remaining four-legged roommates. After that, I’ll give you a few covers from different books.
This grand old girl is Gabrielle–at the time of her naming, Xena was apparently on television, and my niece was about six, so Gabrielle it was. Needless to say, she’s called Gabby by one and all. She’s in the twilight of her years now, and without all that hair, she’d be a little bag of bones.
Poor old girl, I’m sure she thinks she’s been punished: living in an apartment in New Jersey and she can’t even go outside. Not only that, but the other cats are bullies. (It’s true–my cats are bullies. I’m not proud of it, but there you go)
Next we have little Sterlyn. She’s about a third the size of KitKat, but don’t let that fool you. She has a voice on her that just won’t quit–she’s a Siamese, in case you couldn’t tell. It’s lucky that she’s so small, since it makes it easier for her to make the quick getaways and tight escapes.
Gabby adopted her when my sister got Sterlyn for my niece. My niece promptly made sure that Sterlyn was completely spoiled and stayed that way. Every now and then, Gabby pins her down and cleans her like a soccer mom with a dirty toddler. Bath time can be quite the trial around here.
Last, but not least, we have Little Bear. She’s a mix of Mastiff, German Sheppard, and probably a bit of Labrador retriever in there, too. She’s a good girl, and quite playful, as you can tell by her photo. The cats don’t always want to play with her, but she won’t let a little thing like that stop her. At first, KitKat scared her to death. Nowadays, though, KitKat has relaxed with her, and Bear loves to pounce. Her best friend as a puppy was a very large stray cat. She and Roland run around here hiding and chasing each other. They’re perfect together, whether Roland knows it or not.
I figured that, for tonight, I’d put up a few covers of books on the way–Figuratively Speaking really WILL be out soon, honest and for true! –And tomorrow, I’ll give you some info about these books and maybe some excerpts if you’re interested.
So, with no further adieu:


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