Blog Hop Post #4

It’s after six on Tuesday! Where did the day go? My daughter stopped in and I enjoyed a nice visit with her. I wrote a bit…not nearly enough, played with the dog and the birds–the cats play when they want to.
I’m not the boss of them.
Oh, well. This is another chance to win, folks. We already have a handful of Hoppers entered to win any three stories from one of my series and a pair of earrings or a necklace. Just remember, 1 comment = 1 entry. 2 comments = 2 entries, and so on.
I’m going to count those folks who just said “thanks” from yesterday and before, since I didn’t specify. From now on, I’d like you to tell me a little about your pets, past or present. Or tell me about your Fourth of July Plans. Tell me what you like to read–anything along those lines will do. That’s it. A few words will do, as long as they string together to make a sentence about one of those things I mentioned.
Don’t make me sic the wildlife on you.Those cats are merciless. We won’t even talk about the rest of the animal kingdom…
Yesterday, I told you that I’d share a little bit from upcoming books with you. I stuck three covers on the blog–the first one was 2 Hot 2 Handle–it’s a duet with Ashley Marie Lucas. This is going to be a fun little book. Or big book, as the case may be.
Ashley’s story is called Revenge is Best Served Hot — It’s a lot of fun, I think you’ll like it. Her main characters are Jamie and Alexander, and a less likely couple would be hard to find. I don’t think I’m giving anything away here when I say that Jamie is a brat. He’s mischievous through and through and goal oriented like you would not believe. Poor Alexander. I really don’t know if he can keep up…neither does he, it turns out. You really don’t want to pass this one up, folks. It’s M/m gold.
Revenge is Best
Served Hot
by Ashley Marie Lucas
Here’s her blurb:
Jamie has been working at Endotronics  for over 15 years. He likes order in and out of his personal life. When  Endotronics changes management and the handsome yet demanding Alexander Rydon takes over  he soon becomes the bane of Jamie’s life.–A man he cannot please at work, but hungers to please in bed.
Alexander is Jamie’s wet dream come alive.  Tall, dark, and handsome, the only thing wrong with the man is he seems to hate Jamie.  Everything Jamie does is wrong.  Still, Jamie is determined to prove he can do his job better than anyone. When this doesn’t work he decides revenge is in order. Revenge of the hot and sweaty variety.  Jamie knows his days at Endotronics are numbered, so he intends to make an exit from the company Alexander will never forget.
My story is a bit different from hers. It’s called A Friend in Need. As usual, there are a handful of characters that populate my little world, but Emrys Neil and Tyson Smyth are the main attractions. It starts out as a long-distance romance in the making, and grows from there. Needless to say, there’s a lot more to the story than that, but every romance has its own tug-of-war going on, doesn’t it?
A Friend in Need
by J.J. Massa
Here’s my blurb:
Tyson Smyth had never wanted to be a lawyer–that had been his parents’ decision. For so long, he tried to fit the mold they’d formed for him: Ivy League elite, dutiful scion of an old and respected line of lawyers, judges, and politicians… He hated it. Hated his job, hated his life. Now that he was estranged from his family, why was he still living their dream?
The moment he’d clapped eyes on Tyson Smyth, Emrys wanted him. It didn’t help that the young man had a bit of a crush on him in return. Going
against his his heart’s dictates, Emrys let Tyson go without revealing his feelings. Now, the other lawyer was older, wiser, knew what he wanted. Would he want Emrys by his side? In his bed? He’d always believed that friends made the best lovers, and he had to start somewhere, right? He needed Tyson in his life. Needed him.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, right?
I’ll tell you more about another one of my books in just a bit.
See you soon

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