Blog Hop Post #5

It’s almost Wednesday! Well, technically, it is Wednesday, isn’t it? I keep the craziest hours. No matter how early I go to bed, or how late, it seems like I’ve done it wrong every time. I guess you could say that I’m always up with the birds in the morning.
I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only bird lover around. I guess I knew that I wasn’t- -after all, there are forums, countless websites, and an unholy number of breeders out there.
I’d like to tell you that all of my critters live in perfect harmony, but I know that nobody would by that. In fact, Banana’s favorite game is trying to find the kitty when one of them jumps on top of his cage.
Thoughtfully, he was quick to teach Baker the game, as well. While Baker is a much smaller bird, he can clamp that little beak of his tighter than a little bear trap.
Banana and Bear do work together to repel any potential invaders that hope to breach our little apartment. Together, they’re unstoppable. And if Bear is upset by something outside, Banana is quick to ask, “What’s wrong, Bear?” or “What’s going on?”
Of course, I’ve already told you how annoying Roland can be when he pesters the other cats. He likes to wait for them outside of the kitty litter closet. It makes for a whole houseful of nervous cats. I’ve already told you about KitKat and her short fuse where her brother is concerned. The bald and bare patches on Roland’s face are only now beginning to heal.
Still, Roland has made a friend in Bear, and he’s very patient with her–until he’s not. My sister said she had a picture of the two together, but it seems to be lost to the mists of time.
Sometimes it feels like the Ark on a bad day over here. The best you can do is keep a sense of humor, right?
Anyway, I promised I’d talk about one of the books whose cover I posted yesterday. This cover is for Figuratively Speaking. I just never thought this book would give me such challenges. It’s almost ready, though, so look for it in a few days.
Here’s the blurb:
Figuratively Speaking
by J.J. Massa
For many years, Alyssa managed to live under the radar. She scraped by, hiding who she was and what she could do the best she could, even though she didn’t exactly know why anymore.
One thing she does know–happily-ever-afters don’t just happen. Sometimes you have to give them a hand. Now and then, they just show up…figuratively speaking, that is.
Figuratively Speaking tells the story of Nikodemos Kosmapoulos and Alyssa Lange, with a lot of input from Bradley Bolanger, Nik’s uncle by marriage. Who is he to Alyssa? Well, she calls him “Grandfather,” but Nik doesn’t believe that for a second.
What I like about Alyssa is that she’s a little tough and a little vulnerable. So is Nik, but he’s fighting it tooth and nail. And Bradley is no slouch, either. He’s the perfect old guy…or I think so, anyway.
 And that’s it for today, folks. It looks like we’ve got about 17 or so entries, and about 8 different people commenting. That’s just off the top of my head though. I’ll fill you in tomorrow.

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