Blog Hop Post #6

Happy Fourth of July Hoppers!
How’s every little thing going? Anyone cooking hotdogs on the grill? Steaks?
I know the beaches are open, so lots of folks are probably hot, wet, and sandy right now. It’s crazy how insidious sand is, isn’t it. It just works its way in, no matter how well covered you are. Add a handful of suntan oil and you’ll never get it off.
Well, sand or no sand, I love the beach. I love it most in the off-season, of course. Still, I love the birds, the ocean, the smell, and the feeling of being right there where a whole amazing world begins. It seems like there are worlds upon worlds in the ocean. I just don’t know how anyone
could live inland. I’d feel trapped. Odd, huh?
Of course, nowhere is completely safe and comfortable, huh?  I love birds, but seagulls have a mean streak. Or so I’ve heard.
I love boats, sailing, the ocean, Finding Nemo, and all sorts of things, but I guess it never hurts to remember to watch what you’re doing, huh? “Mine!” Mine, mine, mine!” LOL
Okay, enough about that. Let’s talk about other stuff. I showed you all the cover for Art & Soul.

Here’s the blurb:
Art & Soul
By J.J. Massa
Oliver Crane is a success, a star. He enjoys making movies– losing himself in a new role every few months. Acting allows him to express so many facets of his nature. Dark and intense, he lives his work as the screen’s ideal leading man. What woman wouldn’t want to spend the night in his bed? For that matter, how many men could say they didn’t want him?
Not Thorbjörn  Frisk. Or he wouldn’t deny it, if anyone bothered to ask him. A Swedish artist who emigrated to America in his late teens, Tor often loses himself in his work, avoiding the harsh realities of impatient and intolerant people who have no use for a stuttering sculptor who barely speaks English.
 Each man has invested his very soul into his art. What would it cost them in the end?
You know how much I love the accents–and poor Tor, he’s all accent. He’s not a shrinking violet, but he’s out of his league here. As it happens, so is Oliver, but he doesn’t like to own up to weakness. He doesn’t want to own up to finding a man attractive, either. It looks like a bumpy road ahead for these guys, doesn’t it?
As with everything else, I’m a bit behind. But never fear, I WILL get my act together. Pinky swear.
I’ll also be back later. I’m not doing anything much for this holiday. I guess, mostly, I’m thanking God, our forefathers, and my lucky stars for my freedom to do nothing if that’s what I want.
You guys take care.

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