Review Policy

My Review Policy.

Things Authors Should Know About Bad Reviews

The True Confessions of a Book Reviewer

This was recently posted by a reviewer whose blog I follow. She doesn’t review the sort of books I write, and that’s a good thing. I’ll never be tempted to ask–she does review books I like, to some extent, and has a lot of cool things to say, just in general.

I’m posting her review policy here, because I like it. I’m not sure I’d always LOVE it, but she strives to be fair and is pretty up front about it.

Friends of mine have heard me say things like–fair’s only fair to the winner, or fair is subjective. It all depends on what your basis for comparison is.

So, if you, as a writer, want a review, you have to ask yourself this one question:

My Review Policy

No matter what you think of reviews and reviewers, if you’re writing a book, even if it’s your tenth book, check out those links. If you’re a reader or reviewer, read them and know that most authors, though we don’t like getting a bad review, know that not everyone will like what they write. It’s okay to have an opinion or criticism. It’s helpful if you use your opinion or criticism constructively.

That is all.



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