Well, this was for yesterday, but here it is anyway…

Guess what day it is?

That’s right, it’s AWKWARDDAY!

There wasn’t much response to last week’s AWKWARD post–in other words–none. But no fear, I’ve had enough awkward moments for everybody.
This week, though, the awkward wasn’t on me–well, not really. I think I’ve told you all how I sit in my chair, or on the couch, and bob along with the music for my birds…if not, now you know. When my daughter visits and it’s just the two of us, she joins in. We take turns looking for songs that will excite the birds the most.
My daughter was the hands-down winner with Electric Worry by Clutch–Banana especially likes the “Vamonos, vamonos” part. Baker was, as usual, awkwardly and frenetically shaking his head up and down, hanging on for dear life. He’s fallen off his perch before doing that.
Banana, though, was really jiving–stepping up and down on his food dish, bobbing his head and then doing a cool head-slide thing, all very coordinated. Naturally, we were bopping along. My daughter, though, was right up there with him, holding the phone (which was playing the music) and bobbing, singing along with the song.
After the song ended, we settled back to recover, laughing and talking, per usual, when her phone signaled a text.

~~From Tom: Hi there, this is your creepy neighbor, Tom. Thanks for the great show. I watched you dancing along with the bird for a minute, then I had to go home and laugh my ass off. ~~


It kind of reminded me of something that happened when I first moved to my upstairs apartment –same complex, just a few doors down. At that time, it was just me. My daughter was away for a few days and Cosmo and I were sort of cleaning, sort of goofing. We were both younger then, obviously, he was still very much alive.

It was late afternoon, but not that late, around four-ish, I think. We were in the dining room half of the long room, dancing around on the bare wood, me singing and proving I have no rhythm, and Cosmo jumping around, wagging like a nutcase, and proving he could care less.


I don’t remember what we were listening to, but it was high-energy. Suddenly, two silk-suited arms and the most amazing cologne wrapped around me, dancing me across the room, and leading me in a spin and dip when the song ended.

(Just so you know, that’s not me in that picture. It’s a stunt-double–for both of us)

Apparently, there were papers ready to sign and one of the lawyers took me seriously when I said they could drop them by if they wanted to save me a trip.

The door wasn’t completely closed at the bottom of the stairs, and since Cosmo knew and liked the guy, he saw no need to make a big deal of his arrival.
Besides, I’m sure Cosmo would remind me that he was a guide dog, not a watch dog.

There are events that rate higher on the awkward scale, but I don’t feel like digging that deeply today, so that’s all you get.
Just remember, your own AWKWARD story will put you in the running for a $5.00 gift card, even if it’s not really all that awkward.
Nothing you do will ever be as awkward as the moment that Major G.P.W. Meredith had to tell his boss, the Royal
Minister of Defense, that he’d lost the war–The Great Emu War, within a week’s time. (Item #5 on the linked page)


All I can say is, despite appearances, they’re pretty clever. Just ask anyone at Australia’s Department of Defense. It seems that the war is ongoing.

For fun, awkward blogs–I’m recommending two today:




And that’s pretty much all I have for today. Happy AWKWARD Day to you!

p.s. the peeping tomcat up there is from http://www.stockfreeimages.com, too.


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