The World We Live In

from left to right;

I am afraid to hold my boyfriend’s hand.

My friend’s parents sent her away.

I found death threats in my locker.

I submitted to electroshock therapy.

I lost half my friends after coming out.

My grandmother sends me hate mail.

My school won’t let me take my date to prom.

I am not here anymore.

My dad tried to beat it out of me.

No one is proud of me.

I found this on tumbler, but was never able to track it down to the source. I’m sure someone out there can. It could be the Daily Telegraph from a year ago. 

This just blew me away. Wow…

I hope this demonstration made/makes the impact on others that it did on me–

It’s tragic to think that people can do this to one another.

We should be reminded often of what we, as a people, are capable of, both good and bad.

(as an aside, some of those tumblr names. A-MA-zing…)

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