Howlween Blog Hop Contest Post

Hey, why leave room for confusion? : )

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There, that’s scary, right? No? What scares you? I don’t mean rational scare—I mean, teeny-weenie spider scare. Some folks go out of their minds over frogs. I know more than one person with an outrageous fear of clowns. still, those could be considered rational, to some extent. Fear of heights, fear of cute fuzzy things, there’s all manner of fears.

Does THIS scare you?

Scary suspension bridge

Some folks would go nuts at the idea of walking on that thing.

Tell me what scares you. I want to know—not about your fear of commitment—how about that weird fear of peanut butter? Or is it pop corn?

Is there some routine you do to ward off evil or ensure good luck? Have a superstition you’ve never mentioned? Share with the class! We all have our thing, don’t we? Or in my case, things…

I don’t suffer from Spermatophobia or Spermophobia—The fear of germs. Nor do I have Germanophobia which is actually the fear of Germany or German culture. My daughter was born there. I love Germany.

Anyhow, as always, comments get you in the contest. I’ll be giving away one print book from any of my books available in print. Another winner will get a $5 Gift Card for your favorite publisher. There will be a couple ebooks up for grabs, too.

All you have to do is comment.  And hey, are you dressing up? Taking the kids out? My niece’s guy is putting a bowl out with a note. What do you think of that?

yeah… me too.

Well, that’s it for me tonight.

I’ll be back later and hopefully, have some good stuff to say.

J.J. Massa

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33 thoughts on “Howlween Blog Hop Contest Post

  1. I am scared of basements in general, and my basement–er, cellar–in particular. I tried to pretend I wasn’t, but I went down there one time, and the entire place was full of spiders and spider webs. (I’m not afraid of spiders.) Happy Hallowe’en!

    brendurbanist AT gmail DOT com

  2. OMFG… Needles… I just… I get light headed and… ugh.. the willies just thinking about it. There is no way…. I just can’t.
    Needles and me will never get along, omg, I swear If it isn’t for my sister or my mom holding my hand every time I need to go to the doctor for physicals and need a needle for a blood draw I would break into hysterical crying. I even did it once. I did. I won’t lie. It was when they were doing tests (and I discovered I have a problem with my gallbladder, will probably need it removed soon) and they needed to take 5 tubes of blood drawn… omg… by the end of it I was shaking so bad and sobbing, I TRIED to ignore it but… I don’t know… It’s just something that is. I can’t describe the fear I have of those stupid things going inside of me that take my life essence away!! (LOL)

    Thanks for the contest! 😀


    • Oh no, we can’t have you ignoring your health! Where’s Poppy Pomphrey with her nice magic wand when we need her? Usually, it’s the guys where are afraid of needles, but fear just isn’t rational, is it?

      Hi MiMi! Yep, sharks are pretty scary. No emotions and no aging spells. My seventh grade biology teacher was crazy about sharks, and I think my college bio prof was his cousin or some oddball thing. The man used to go on about how sharks were the perfect killing machines. And that’s where student loan money disappeared to…

  3. Heights “shudder”. Funny thing, at the Grand Canyon I wasn’t bothered. Maybe because I was looking out over the canyon. Different story in the Empire State Building, “gasp” get me the f to the ground NOW.

  4. Teehee~ a bowl with a note is always a good idea to the first few kids who get there! I love that one commercial where the little boy reads the sign and takes one piece then a little girl comes up and grabs handfuls and he’s like “It says take one” and she replies “I can’t read!” teehee~ I’m dressing up this year and going trick-or-treating with my sister and her kids. 🙂 Thanks for the hop!

    MostlyMisha AT gmail DOT com

  5. Spiders terrify me. Also, we used to have neighbors that did that whole bowl with a note thing. We learned to go to their house first or else we would miss out.

    Jyl22075 at gmail dot com

  6. There is only one thing I fear, lizards. Even writing that word makes me shiver. I hate those things!!! Yeah, it was by a bad childhood experience but it’s a horrible phobia. Thanks for allowing us to Hop with You! And to those who live on the East Coast, please, take the necessary precautions with Sandy. It looks like a mean one.

    • As one of those people who currently resides at Sandy’s projected landfall, i certainly will. It sounds like it has all the earmarks of the “perfect storm”

      Thank you for thinking of us. and hey, no lizards here!

  7. I’m really scared of heights and any more I’m scared of the dark. I have to leave some kind of light on to be able to sleep at night.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  8. Woohoo! Happy Halloween! I love blog hops and this one is HUGE! So many old friends to visit and new friends to meet. I spend Halloween night watching the littlest ones having such a good time wearing their little costumes and trick or treating. Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. I am trying to think of what scares me. I can’t think of anything in particular and I don’t have any phobias. Heights don’t really bother me, but I know I won’t be climbing any mountains anytime soon, either. Don’t know how people do that.

    I’m not dressing up this year, but my son went to a party last night dressed as Slash from Guns N’ Roses. He looked pretty cool if you like rockstars. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  10. I don’t know if it’s a phobia, but I hate vacuuming. Don’t know why, but it’s the best way to ruin my good mood, ever. I can’t think of anything else that really scares me. I’ve always been a meet everything head on kind of person. Hate driving in traffic, solution, drive in rush hour in Washington DC and on the “wrong” side of the road in Japan. Don’t like heights, take a job as a roofer. Not dressing up or attending parties this year…. Sigh!

  11. I’m terrified of most bugs. The only exception would be ladybugs and butterflies. Everything else creeps me out. I also still have a bit of an irrational fear of the dark.


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