Join us at the Latte Lounge—LUST HAPPENS!!!


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Join the fun! Why?


We’ll be at the Latte Lounge:

JOIN authors:

Ashley Marie Lucas

Cindy Jacks

Milly Tilden

J.J. Massa

Faith Luna


KB Cutter

Rhonda Lee Carver

Sultry Summers

Mae Powers

J.J. Massa

Fran Mackey

Denyse Bridger

Ella Jade

W. Lynn Chantale

We’ll be there around noon and we plan to stay ALL day!

There will be giveaways and goodies!!

Fran Mackey and Ella Jade have promised us swag 🙂 Ella has a book to give away, as does Denyse, Faith Luna, and most of our authors—Sultry Summers has 2! and the rest of us have a variety of goodies to take home!

You might even get more than you expect! Something in print? A gift card? It could happen!

Don’t miss it! We’ll be there ALL DAY!!

J.J. Massa

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